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What We Do

Musati creates original design apparel for men and women that define individuality and look great. A portion of sales are dedicated to supporting worthwhile charitable and non-profit organizations. We will continue to create original apparel designs, while focusing on further development of socially responsible give back programs.

The Musati Story

Doug Frederick and Eric Oberfield founded Musati with the purpose of creating original design apparel like the “HOME” t-shirt, so that proceeds could be distributed to benefit worthwhile charitable and non-profit organizations.
Of personal significance, Doug’s son Jack was diagnosed as mildly autistic at the age of 3. At that age, Jack could sit in front of the TV and watch sports with intense interest for hours. By the time he was 10, Jack was playing video games and reading books about sports for hours and could recite more statistics & information about athletes than any 10 year old should be capable. Today, at the age of 15, Jack loves watching sports, social media and is very active in baseball, football, and basketball.
To accompany his positive capabilities, Jack finds school work, focusing on basic tasks, and socializing with other children his age challenging. Despite the difficulties autism presents in Jack’s daily life, Doug and his family feel both blessed and thankful. Jack provides motivation for Musati to support the National Autism Association and we are proud to support the 5th Annual Ed Asner and Friends Poker Tournament!
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Our Values

NAA.jpgMusati maintains and will continue to develop associations with respected charitable and non-profit organizations to grow and develop socially responsible and charitable give back programs. Currently, Musati has partnered with the National Autism Association ( to contribute to its worthwhile causes and programs with the aim of improving the lives of those affected by autism.
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