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Musati creates original design apparel for men and women that define individuality and look great. A portion of sales are dedicated to supporting worthwhile charitable and non-profit organizations. We will continue to create original apparel designs, while focusing on further development of socially responsible give back programs.
Musati positively impacts the people in our communities by contributing $5 for each shirt sold to benefit charitable and other non-profit organizations.

Get Involved

· With 1 in 88 children diagnosed with autism (1 in 54 boys), it is now the number-one childhood disorder.
· Autism prevalence figures are rising and it is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.
· More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined.
· Autism costs the nation over $35 billion per year, a figure expected to significantly increase in the next decade ($60K/per year average for a family).
· 40% of children with autism are non verbal and there were more than 25 autism confirmed wandering related deaths in 2012.
· There is no medical detection or cure for autism, however, it is treatable and children can progress.
How can you get involved? By purchasing one of the Musati t-shirt designs, you already are! For each t-shirt sold, Musati will donate $5 to a selected charitable organization in the U.S. Additionally, Musati will continue to develop associations with respected charitable and non-profit organizations to grow and develop socially responsible and charitable give back programs Order your t-shirt today!
sinkphoto.jpgMusati’s inspiration charity partner is the National Autism Association. Founded by parents in 2003, NAA’s mission is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential. NAA’s programs offer financial assistance and safety prevention to the autism community. For more information, please visit www.nationalautism.org.
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